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This IQ Software below is able to improve your IQ. This is the only effective IQ increase and memory improving software in 40 years of research.

Recent insights about the nature of the ‘working memory’ has enabled scientists to design precise training exercises that increase IQ. Cognitive psychologists are uncovering the underlying information processing systems of intelligence. This understanding made it possible to design the task to be effective in increasing intelligence.

It targets your brain’s neuroplasticity using a stimulating brain training exercise to achieve permanent cognitive gains in only 20 days, 15 minutes per day:

  • 40% increase in intelligence & problem solving ability
  • 65% increase in short term memory
  • 10-20 point IQ increase on a valid IQ test guaranteed
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    Forget Brain Age and Increase Intelligence and Memory

    If you are interested in your overall brain fitness and intelligence then you better put the effort into this scientifically based training rather than wasting any time on other ‘brain fitness workouts’.

    iq software

    You will find that you get sharper and better at problem solving and are able to focus better on your tasks and work. This amazing software comes with a money back guarantee.

    " ... Researchers at the University of Michigan found that it’s possible to boost a core feature of human intelligence through a simple mental training exercise ... "

    ..The Washington Post, 11th June, 2011

    Especially important to note is that scientists are involved in the development teams of this IQ software below, while other brain development companies are founded and headed by business men with no expertise in brain science or brain training.

    Choose this scientifically valid IQ training software to improve your IQ and Memory.
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