Ivory Chess Set from Dealer

by Howard

Ivory Chess Set

Ivory Chess Set

I was in the US Air Force, stationed in Japan in 1960.

I traveled to Hong Kong and purchased this ivory chess set from a reputable dealer.

The white king is 7 inches tall and the pawn is 3 inches. The set is in a wooden box which shows some wear and the elastic holding the pieces is no longer strong.

I want to sell the set for a minimum of $1000.00. I do not know how many balls are in each piece.

Thank you for any assistance you can give me.

Howard GrandHopes@aol.com

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Aug 30, 2019
I have one too
by: Toms

I was in Hong Kong in 1967 R&R Vietnam. Mine has sat on a shelf in a closet since then. What a waste. I am designing a custom coffee table to display these works of art. Mine is the set just below the set with the balls. I didn't have the money-for the set Howard has. The one Howard has is the smallest size with the ball base. There was at least 5 sizes with the ball base and the largest had a King that was at least 10" high with a ball base that had 6 ball in a ball base.. Does anyone have the larger set? vaninwagen@hotmail.com

Apr 25, 2019
I have one too
by: John

Did you sell this? I have one exactly like it. My grandfather says he bought in in early 50's in Hawaii. I am trying to find a value of it. Said he paid $100 for the set back then.

Mine does have a sticker in it saying Made in Hong Kong.

Curious to know more.

Nov 09, 2018


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