Ivory chess set l believe it’s per ban it’s was my wife grandpa and he served over seas in ww2

by James

Ivory Chess Set

Ivory Chess Set

Well we got this when my wife dad pasted away.
He got it from his dad when he passed away we’ll no my wife at 42 years of age has died from cancer and I’ve been left in financial ruins this is one of the only things I have left worth anything and I need to sell ASAP to pay my mortgage in January but have no idea how to sell and all this it’s against the law to sell scary me I don’t want to try and sell it and have it taken from me I have no papers since it was handed down a few time the set is in great shape all there and one of the staff broke a little piece of sure can be fixed.

I’m not the one to do it so I need money for my bills I’m going to price good so sell fast I’m thinking 5,000 I’ve seen the same one going for 8,600 so I think my price is very good.

Hope someone out there fell the same and buys from me I’m in between moving rite now don’t have good email right now but you can texts me or call from noon till 9pm toucan text anytime at 425 308 6544 this would make a great Xmas gift to the chess lover in your family and when you call leave message I don’t answer unknown number but will get back to u ASAP thanks James

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