Kids Chess Games

I found a great chess store that offers Kids Chess Games for you and more chess products made for kids.

As you probably know Chess offers wonderful opportunities to grow a child's self respect, mental and social skills.

Fritz & Chesster, (CDs) - Chess Software for Kids - Click Here!

kids chess games

This chess book from eight to eighty, explains in a clear, easy-to-follow format how to beat a stronger opponent. Learn from delightful and instructive positions from real games. It shows the 50 Deadly Checkmates that chess masters use to win their games.

Chess Books for Kids - Click Here!

Chess Starter Kit

kids chess games

This Strategy kit above encourages your child to explore his creativity and have fun with chess....

- Talking chess trainer beginner computer knows the rules, and guides the beginning chess player with voice feedback.

- 1 Hour of friendly chess instruction on DVD lays a good foundation for further learning.

- Standard-size regulation durable chess set perfect for practice with fellow family members, chess class or chess club. It is used in competitive chess play in thousands of tournaments.

- Two beginner workbooks with large print help to learn the fundamentals and checkmating ideas.

Get Chess Starter Kit - Click Here!

Chess gives your child an opportunity to succeed and will help your kid in school as he or she learns to calculate variations and this will create disciplines of the mind.

Chess is great fun and is a great opportunity for children to socialize, compete, and challenge themselves.

You will find all chess products for kids at the web store below. Have a look around!

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