King moving into check?

by Ron

I checked my opponent with a bishop and he moved onto a square covered by my knight. He said that was ok because I could not take him with my knight as I would be moving myself into check as my knight was the only piece between his queen and my king. Was he correct in saying that?


Hi Ron!

No, your opponent is wrong. A king is not allowed to move onto a covered square.

If the opponent's king is trapped so that its escape is not possible, it is checkmate.

If the king is threatened with capture (check), the player must remove the threat of capture on the next move by moving onto an uncovered square.

If this is not possible, the king is said to be in checkmate and the game is over.

In your case your opponent's king is not allowed to move onto a square that is covered by your knight. The fact that your knight is pinned by your opponents queen does not matter at all.

I hope this helps.

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Sep 23, 2015
Consider which king would be captured first!
by: Ian

An easy way to settle disputes like this is to determine who would lose the king first if the sequence is played out. In chess, whoever loses the king first loses the game, so the player who would lose the king first is in the wrong in this type of dispute. Therefore, a king cannot move onto a square guarded by a pinned enemy piece, since the pinned piece would capture that king before the king sheltered by the pinned piece is captured.

Sep 16, 2015
King moving into "check"
by: Anonymous

Checkmate is a term that means the king is captured. In this example the king can not be captured without the opponent breaking the rules by exposing his own king to check. I think the rules should be amended.

Jul 06, 2015
That's settled an argument then!
by: David

Good answer to a query we were not sure about, makes sense.

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