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You need practical exercises, my friend, to understand chess, so let's get on with it and solve a few chess problems below. To see the solution you should put your mouse over the diagram.

To help you to learn chess I got here a little mixture of chess positions. They are sometimes a bit hard. So what, just a challenge for you to develop your chess mind!

how to play chess how to play chess
1) White moves 2) Black moves
how to play chess how to play chess
3) Black moves 4) White moves
how to play chess how to play chess
5) White moves 6) Black moves
how to play chess how to play chess
7) Black moves 8) Black moves
how to play chess how to play chess
9) Black moves 10) White moves


1) 1.NxN+ gxN 2.Qh7+#
2) 1..Qf5
3) 1...Rd8!! 2.QxQ RxR+ 3.Kf2 bxQ and Black wins
4) 1.NxB RxN? 2.Rh6+# If Black does not recapture White wins a piece.
5) 1.Ba4+ Kd5 2.Bb3+ eternal check and draw
6) 1...RxR 2.RxR Qg5+ 3.Kf1 QxR+ and wins
7) 1....Qd8+ and wins the rook
8) 1...Rd1+ 2.Bf1 Qh1+#
9) 1...Rb1+ (if now 2.BxR QxQ+ checkmate because the knight is pinned by the bishop.)2.Kf2 RxR and wins. The Knight can't recapture as it is pinned.
10)1.Kh1!!QxB Stalemate!!

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