Marble Chess Board

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marble chess board

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16" Marble Black and Brown Chess Set

marble chess board
Marble Chess Board

marble chess board

16" Marble Chess Set. The board itself is felted to prevent scratching table surface. Pieces have green felt. Forest Green and White pieces match board surface. This set is ideal as a family room display piece or for an occasional slow game of chess.

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  • Get Your Marble Chess Set - Click Here!


    Classic White Onyx & Black Marble Chess Set - 3 1/2" King

    marble chess board
    Classic White Onyx & Black Marble Chess Set - 3 1/2" King

    A classic chess set design, a standard for marble, onyx, and stone chess sets and is popular today.

    Chess pieces have an attractive rustic Staunton look with slightly exaggerated features that facilitate carving solid stone. The black marble is primarily solid black but may have gray mottled patterns and lighter variegations.

    The white onyx is predominately solid white but will sometimes have small veins of other colors intermingled. This traditional color combination creates a sharp contrast that continues to be one of the most popular. The bottom of the chess board is covered with felt to protect your furniture.

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