Online Chess vs Computer

Play online chess vs computer here and beat this weak Flash Chess Program. If you are a beginner in chess then you will still have a hard time beating it.

This program is not a very strong chess player, but if you are learning chess then it is very good. If you play against it then you can learn how to place your pieces correctly on the chess board.

Make sure you get your pieces out fast to control the center, then castle quickly to bring your king into safety, or the king gets stuck in the middle of the board and will get attacked from all sides.

If you are up in material then simplify and trade of as many pieces as you can to go into the endgame where you will win easier due to your material advantage.

Play Click on PLAY which is on top (a bit hard to see)
To make a move - You just click on a piece, then put it where you want it.
Undo - Takes back a move
Replay - It replays your game

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