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Play Chess for free online against CuckooChess 1.08, which is a nice Java Chess Program created by Peter Österlund. Great work!

I like the design and that all moves are listed. I hope you will like it as much as I do. You can adjust thinking time and flip board.

This is a good chance for you to learn chess notation because every move is written down by this java chess program at the right. So look how each move is listed and memorize it. After some time you will be able to read and write chess moves without having any problems at all.

For example 1. e4 e5 means that white has moved a pawn to the square e4 and Black has moved a pawn to the square e5. When pawn moves are made, then only the coordinates are shown.

But when a piece moves (for example a knight) then you add the letter for the piece in front of the coordinates. For example: Nf3 means that a knight has moved to the square f3. From where the Knight comes does not matter at all. The N is used for the Knight to avoid confusion, because K is used for the King already. So if the King moves from g1 to f1, you write Kf1, that's all.

If a bishop moves to e4 then you write Be4.

The letters for the chess pieces are as follows:
N=Knight, B=Bishop, R=Rook, Q=Queen, K=King and 0-0=short castle, 0-0-0=long castle. For Captures an "x" is used. For example BxNe4 means Bishop captures a Knight on e4. But you can use the shorter version and just write: BxN

Good move= ! very good move= !! questionable move= ? very bad move= ??

To learn more about how to werite down chess moves go to Chess Notation.

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