Play Chess Online for free
against the Computer

Play Chess Online for free now and get some chess training. Try to beat this Flash Chess Program. It plays weaker than the other chess programs on my site and is easy to beat for a good chess player.

Chess openings are not played properly by this chess program. It just considers common chess principles like fast piece development and center play. If you need a stronger challenge, then play the other programs on my site, see left navigation bar.

Watch out! If you make a chess blunder and play like a patzer, it will beat you very easily. If you are a beginner in chess, don't worry about losing and just get some practice to learn how to move the chess pieces correctly.

After some training you will know how to play properly, but you might still leave chess pieces unprotected and lose them. This is quite normal when you are a beginner. So don't worry. Learn CHESS NOTATION to be able to read and write chess moves.

You get better and better every day but to really understand chess you should read GOOD CHESS BOOKS and get a decent CHESS SET to analyze and enjoy the game.

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