Queens Gambit

I want to know How is this opening for White...the expert views and right opinion..thnx!


The Queens Gambit is a sound and good opening for White and still played at top level chess.

I believe every chess player should know the variations of the Queens Gambit as this is common and basic chess knowledge. If you play these lines ( and there are many) is a different matter.

You should learn the Queens Gambit Declined and the
Queens Gambit Accepted

If you play the Queens Gambit as White you will enjoy a small, but long lasting advantage. But you should study it before you play it and know it well, of course. If you just play it without deeper understanding the small advantage
that you have as White will evaporate quickly.

I suggest you first start learning and playing the Queens Gambit - Exchange Variation. If you follow this link above you can replay a lot of games and can see and learn how the Exchange Variation is played by grandmasters - See below.

1.d4 d5 2.cxd

queens gambit

The good thing is that you, as White, can control what is being played because you decide if you want to play it or not and Black cannot avoid it. (If he has answered 1...d5)

This gives you control over the resulting variations which you can prepare beforehand to a certain extent. Chess is far too complex to prepare everything that can evolve, but at least you have a feeling of control and can decide what is going to happen for the next 12 moves or so... This gives you the chance to study the ideas, concepts and plans that you should follow in this line.

I personally feel this line is very uncomfortable for Black if he doesn't know it well. I don't like to run into it as Black myself as my position is somewhat passive and I find it difficult to handle it.
For that reason I never play 1...d5 after 1.d4 but answer 1...Nf6 to enter the Nimzo-Indian or the Queens-Indian Defence.

However, let me suggest another line for you, the 5.Bf4 line. This is a very good line for White as well. (See below)

I asked the chess professional Grandmaster Bogdan Lalic for you and he replied:
"I play 5 Bf4 line with White myself."
"I have 3 wins and 4 draws with White, with Black I have 2 draws..." - GM Bogdan Lalic

I know that the 5.Bf4 line is statistically a good line that brings good results.

Grandmaster Viswanathan Anand (challenger) won an important game with the 5.Bf4 line as White against Magnus Carlsen (world champion) in the world chess championship 2014.

V.Anand against M. Carlsen 1:0

I hope this helps.

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