Question about moving/hand release

by Jonathan
(Houston, TX)

If a player moves a piece during a turn to a square and realizes this move will result in losing the piece in question, but has not yet released his hand, can he/she move it back to the original or new square?

A couple people I've played with always "undo" their move saying its legal because they didnt take their hand off the piece. Thank you.

Hi Jonathan,

yes, these people are correct. The move is executed as soon as you let go of that piece.
If you still touch the piece you can move it back or to another square instead.

However, if you have touched a piece you have to move this piece next move but are not allowed to move any other piece instead.

Let's say you touch a piece and move it to a square and discover that this is a terrible move. When you are still holding this piece you can move the piece back to its original square and let it sit there for a few minutes while you ponder about your next move. But you have to move this piece and not another one because you have touched this piece before.

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