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Looking for Reading Fluency Strategies and Speed Reading Courses?

I introduce various reading comprehension strategies products on this page that can be downloaded.

Experiments have shown that the average person has a reading speed of only 160 to 250 words per minute. If you read faster you understand the text better. Slow reading leads to boredom and lack of concentration.

Did you know that reading only 20% of the words are necessary to understand the text. You should also learn to increase your focus as you are able to read up to five words in a split second.

Speed Reading And Comprehension Training Class

The Top Speed Reading Software, Speed Reader-x, Is Now Available As An Online Class Along With Memory And Comprehension Classes Including Audio And Real Time Tests. This is beneficial for people who are looking for guided reading strategies.

speed reading

These are real online classes, not just ebooks or static webpages. Each lesson starts with an audio presentation that explains what you will discover about speed reading and how you can gain the most from the lesson.

The audio guides you easily through the lessons so you will know exactly what you are doing. You can also read along with the lesson introduction.

This is a much deeper experience than you could ever obtain from a book or a simple software trainer.

Speed Reader-X has become very popular as a training aid in structured class settings. Their new integrated video instructor has made Speed Reader-X the preferred training method for self paced learning too.

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Speed Reading Acceleration Secrets Course

This is a good alternative product for reading strategies. Check it out!

reading strategies

Change your reading habits. Normally your eyes jump from word to word. Often you go back to words that you have read already. If you change these habits you can learn to read much faster.

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