Rook and Knight Endgame

by Vivek

My side is White and its my opponent's turn and both of us have each horse and rook, but I have 2 pawns extra, and watch out there is a pawn at F7 which is partially visible due to my horse.

Hi Vivek,

this is a Rook and Knight Endgame in which you are two pawns up. Your advantage is measured in pawn units and is higher than 4 units.

This means it should be an easy win for you because Black is not able to protect the a-pawn and will lose this pawn next move. (Rxa6)

But you will lose your doubled d-pawn, which is weak and cannot be defended.

Black moves
rook and knight endgame

1...Ke7 2.Rxa6 Rd8 - see below

White moves
rook and knight endgame

Don't play now 3.Ra5?? to defend the d-pawn or you lose your knight 3...KxN. Play 3.Kd2 instead and give up the doubled d-pawn. 3...Rxd

then play 4.Ke3 - see below

Black moves
rook and knight endgame

Rd8 and support your passed pawn at d3. Move the king into the center to get space advantage. 5.Ke4 Kf8 (then push the passed b-pawn to b4) 6.b4 Kg7 and 7.b5 Rb8 - see below

White moves
rook and knight endgame

It could go on like this 8.Nh5+ Kf8 9.b6 Ke8 10.Kd5 Ne7+ 11.Kc5 Kd8 (Your king must attack and support your operations). 12.Nf6 Rc8+ 13.Kb5 Rc1 (protect your pawn with the king and get your sleepy knight back into the game.)

14. Ra7 (cuts off the black king) Nf5 15.Rd7+ Kc8 16.g4 Ne3 17.Rxf7 Rb1+ 18.Kc6 Rc1 19.Kd6 Rd1 20.Nd7 Rxd+ 21.Kc6 Rc3+ 22.Nc5 etc.

Just get your whole army moving ahead give up pawns you can't defend, but take other pawns instead and keep going until one of your pawns promotes into a queen or until you give a checkmate due to your space advantage.

Your position should develop into something like this. See below

White moves
rook and knight endgame

Black is lost because White treathens to give checkmate playing 23.Rf8++ mate

I hope this helps.

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Apr 05, 2017
by: Anonymous

Good work

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