The 4 Best Chess Apps Out There

by Kayla
(New York, NY, USA)

Chess is a game that requires dutiful practice in order to keep one’s skills sharp.

However, you may not always be able to find a suitable partner to spar with whenever the urge to play strikes.

Playing against yourself can get old quickly. In that case, you may try to find a chess app that will let you play anytime, anywhere. Considering the age and popularity of the game of chess, there have to be hundreds to choose from - how can you tell which ones are worth the download?

Well, I’ve tried them all so you don’t have to, and here are the best 4 chess apps that I’ve found:

#1 Chess - Analyze This
This app not only lets you play a rousing game of chess against a computer, but you may also upload your own files and annotate replays of games, noting your best plays or where you might have gone wrong. It is an extremely in-depth tool that can help both beginners and experts improve their play.

#2 Stockfish Chess
Another app that pits your wits against a computer, Stockfish is like having a grandmaster right in your pocket. The challenge level on this app is certainly much higher than others, making it great for stretching yourself and really honing your skills. Just don’t get too upset if it beats you!

#3 Shredder
Shredder is a favorite chess app of many chess players because of its rich suite of features. It allows you to select the difficulty of your opponent or have it automatically set itself based on your own play strength. Shredder can imitate the playing style of a human opponent of any difficulty setting. It can give you tips, analyze your play, and even give you an Elo rating so you can quantify how much you’re progressing.

#4 Social Chess
Unlike many of the others on this list, Social Chess allows users to play games of chess against real people through the internet. You can connect with any one of the more than 600 million chess players worldwide at any time of the day and play through a full match together over the course of minutes or days.

Now you’ve got 4 foolproof ways to practice your chess game whenever the mood strikes. If you need more chess tips and tricks, or just want to learn more about the game, head on over to to find tons of great information.

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