Tiffany and Co. Ivory Chess Set

by Alton

Complete set

Complete set

Complete set Tiffany sign Indian made table Ivory grain visible

I have in my possession this gorgeous set marked Tiffany and Co. Union Square; definitely Ivory (passed all Ivory tests) which I paid under $200 for the set.

It is in the Staunton style with no markings, but there is the remnant of what used to be a label on the bottom of the box.

The inside is lined in velvet and the king is 3.5" tall. The red stained ones are also Ivory because you can see the natural color if it's unscrewed.

I intend to sell it someday but at this point I'm just sharing in the event someone has a similar one and would like to enlighten me.

In my research I've found out that Tiffany and Co was ar that location between 1870-1909 making this set anywhere between 146 to 107 years old. Quite a find.

Unfortunately one red and one natural pawn had the spheres broken. The red was glued back on ( by previous owner) and the other is still loose. I will have to find a restorer to fix them appropriately.

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