Vintage Handcarved Ivory Staunton boxed Chess Set

by Rick Schiaffo
(New Jersey)

How much does ivory go for? Approximately $200-$375 per inch.

DESCRIPTION: Carved Ivory 1950s Staunton Style Chess: This is an Vintage CHESS SET in good used condition. This set was purchased sometime around 1960.

The Staunton chess set is the standard style for tournament or casual play. Individually hand carved ivory with fitted storage box / carrying case with chess board on the reverse side.

Each square on the board is individually inlaid. The dark side is tea-coloured - generally it is red - and it is ivory. With strict federal regulation against import of ivory, the value of ivory carvings tremendously increased.

In very good used condition overall. Some signs of wear on the wood board. Most pieces are intact and stable. Only one of the knights ears is missing, and very tiny chips off of both the Kings crowns.

Pieces are both turned and or carved in natural elephant ivory and tea brown dyed ivory. Cross hatch patterns are very evident and they display beautifully.

PLAYING PIECES: Kings are 4 1/2 inches high. Set includes natural white and tea stained figures. The dark chess pieces are tea-coloured. The pieces unscrew at the bases. Plain style pieces. No apparent signature.

ELEPHANT IVORY - The Law: Elephant ivory has been regulated since 1976 and was allowed into the U.S. only from game reserves that followed the guidelines set forth by The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species or CITES.

Importing, buying, and selling African elephant ivory has not been allowed internationally since 1989. It is legal to own, buy, sell or ship "estate" ivory which was present legally in the United States before 1989.

How to tell if something is ivory: When looking at a piece, check the bottom or sides for the diamond or cross-hatch pattern typical of real ivory. Then check again for a slight wood-grain pattern, this is also typical of real ivory.

Next, check the feel. Real ivory should have a cool-to-the-touch feeling. Resins or plastics may duplicate one or some of these features, but none duplicates them all.

Also, color often varies very slightly throughout natural ivory from a creamy white to a creamy yellow-tan or a creamy, light yellow-brown.

The price of this set is $700.

•Location: Blairstown, NJ

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Oct 18, 2019
Ivory chess set
by: Wayne Thompson

I have a set pretty much or exactly to this one, but I am not sure who made it. It’s was my dads, found it cleaning out some of his things. The gold sticker says "Hand Carved, Made in Hong Kong, Genuine Ivory". I will send you detailed photos of it. The box is worn, but all the pieces are present and in tact. Interested email me.

Oct 03, 2017
ivory chess set
by: s.Lawrence

I have a wooden boxed chess set also w brass latch velvet lining w hand carved ivory pieces (ivory place) made in the sixties. New condition inside maybe slightly scratched on wooden box outside if interested write pobox 554;cedar 24609. Thank you dutone

Aug 28, 2017
Genuine Ivory Set for sale
by: EH

I have a set similar to this one, but I am not sure if it is Staunton. The gold sticker has written "Hand Carved, Made in Hong Kong, Genuine Ivory". I will send you detailed photos of it. The box is worn, but all the pieces are present and in tact.

Mar 27, 2017
another set
by: Anonymous

I have one in immaculate condition if anyone is interested same price

Mar 27, 2017
by: Anonymous

I have one in immaculate condition if anyone is interested

Sep 15, 2016
Set sold
by: Rick S

FYI, I forgot to mention the set was sold for $700.00

Sep 11, 2016
Sorry for confusion
by: Rick S.

This set was sold shortly after placing it.
Sold it through another venue and forgot about this post. This site doesn't notify you if you have inquiries, and now I don't see any way to delete this page.
Sorry some of you didn't get the feedback you wanted.

Nov 18, 2013
by: Mike

Is this set for sale??

Sep 05, 2013
I want to sell my set like this one
by: Anonymous

I have a set like this one except the label looks different.
Label says "Genuine Ivory
hand carved
Made in Hong Kong "

I do not believe it is Staunton but it s definitely ivory.

The folding box is almost identical wood with a brass latch, blue velvet lining with elastic.
It was my former husband's so I do not know where he bought it.

Would $500 b reasonable? There are a couple of pieces that are slightly chipped, but all the pieces are there.


Mar 04, 2013
More information?
by: Chris

Hello, I just wanted to ask if this set is actually for sale? And if so, if I could get further information from you. My email is Thanks!

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