Why would White resign this Position?

by Calcraft

Hello, and thanks for creating this forum.

I've been reading Karpov's book and playing some of the games.

This one stops after move 37 though, with the note "resigns". May I ask you to comment on why resignation is in order at this point?

Hi Charlie,

First Diagram
Black moves
after 19.Nf2 attacking the bishop at h3.


The position is even at this point.

White moves
after 19...Bg5 attacking the weak e-pawn.

Black has moved 19...Bg5 attacking the weak e-pawn and offers to sacrifice the bishop at h3...

White should not capture the bishop as after 20.NxBh3? follows 20...Bxe3+ and BxN regaining the piece and Black would have a better position.

The best move here for White is 20.c6 with an even game.

Instead of this White moves 20.Re2? and loses a pawn after 20...Nxc5 and Black is winning after this...

White resigns

Why does White resign?
This position is completely hopeless for White.
1. White is a piece down.
2. Black has a superior position as his pieces are far better developed and is going to win eventually. It is just a matter of time.

It is just a waste of time to play on. Among strong chess players you should resign a hopeless position like this or you make yourself ridiculous.

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Jun 28, 2017
Very interesting
by: Anonymous

...and thank you for your explanation. It gives me an entirely new perspective, when I revisit that crucial 20th move.

I am such an amateur that I an completely unable to see "end" situations like this, without simply playing them out to the bitter. Your comments about resignation, though, give me a wider understanding.

Again, thank you!!

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