Women Chess
a true Enrichment in Chess

Women chess has developed over the last ten years, more and more women are playing chess. Chess has been always a male domain. It is time that this changes. I hope that many women discover their love for chess and enrich the tournament halls with their presence.

It is sad, if you see a tournament where only male chess players are playing. Chess is not only for men, but should represent the whole population.

There has been a few great female players around and GM Judit Polgar, GM Hou Yifan and GM Koneru Humpy have proven that women are not inferior to men in chess if properly trained.

"Come on folks! Where are the genius female players? Hey, little girls! Take up chess and join a chess club! The Chess World is waiting for you!"

Chess Girls

Strong Women players

Alexandra Kosteniuk

Joanna Dworakowska

Antonaneta Stefanova

Rusudan Goletiani

Natalia Pogonina

Isabela Peptan-Corina

Anna Uschenina

Beata Kadziolka

Lenka Ptacnikova

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