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Checkmate in 2

When a checkmate in 2 comes up in your game of chess you should be able to see it and win.

Please solve the following Checkmate chess puzzles below. Find the solution in your mind first before you look it up at the bottom. When you have seen a good move always try to find the defending moves of the opponent.

checkmate in 2 checkmate puzzles
1) 2)
checkmate in 2 puzzles checkmate in 2
3) 4)
checkmate in 2 checkmate in 2
5) 6)
checkmate in 2 checkmate in 2
7) 8)
checkmate in 2 checkmate in 2
9) 10)


1) 1.Nhg6+ Nxg6 2.Nxg6#
2) 1. …RxR 2.RxR QxR#
3) 1.Qe8+ RxQ 2.RxR#
4) 1.Qxh6+ Kg8 2.Qg7#
5) 1.Rd6+ RxR 2.RxR#
6) 1.Ngh6+ QxN 2.NxQ#
7) 1.Qd8+ RxQ 2.dxRQ#
8) 1.Bh4+ RxB 2.QxR#
9) 1.Ng6+ hxg 2.Rxh4#
10)1…. Rh6+ 2.Rh3 RxR#

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