Play Chess against Computer

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Play chess against computer vs different online chess programs here on this page. Some are javascript applets, but most are flash programs. However, you will have fun….unless you lose every game, of course.

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Play Chess against Computer

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Computer Chess Stockfish

play chess against computer
Play Chess against Stockfish – the best Chess Software on the Net.

This chess program will take you apart, slowly but surely. Don’t cry when you lose. It is strong. On the left side of the board you see a bar which moves down when your position gets worse. If you want to play the Black side then select “HUMAN” on the top right side and “COMPUTER” on the top left side. Good Luck!

Play Chess vs Computer – Fritz Chess

play chess vs computer

Play Chess against Fritz Chess

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You are easier to beat if you don’t follow correct chess principles. Don’t place chess pieces on dubious squares, don’t push too many pawns which create weaknesses in the position. And learn opening theory, of course.
Have you been ripped to pieces again? Well, not to worry! There is always a weaker player than you. Take your time, you will improve eventually… only God knows how long it will take.

Strong Javascript Chess Program

play chess online

Try this beautiful Javascript Chess Program!

Training Positions

Play Training Positions!

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