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Play Chess online vs Computer

Play chess online vs computer here. This chess program is very strong. Before you start make sure you study chess openings first to be able to make high quality chess moves.

Play Chess vs Computer

I suggest as White you play always first move 1.e4, then study the opening systems for Black like Sicilian Defense, Ruy Lopez, Scotch Game, French Defense and Caro Kann Defense, so you know how to handle them as White. Furthermore you can play these chess openings yourself as Black if White starts 1.e4.

If you know all these chess openings for Black you will be covered to a large extent as most games start with 1.e4. However, if White starts with first move 1.d4, which is the second most popular move, you should study the Black Defense Systems like Queens Gambit, Queens Indian Defense, Nimzo Indian Defense and Kings Indian Defense to be able to make sensible moves as Black.

To save time you must not study them all but you can spezialize on one defense system like the Kings Indian Defense, which is recommended for Black if you want to fight for the whole point. Choose the lines where Black plays his queenside knight to c6 (not Nd7), which gives Black a more active game as the knight is placed more active compared to a knight placed on d7, where it blocks the bishop on c8.

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