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What is the best Chess Computer?

Find the best chess computer. This computer is very strong but has adaptive levels adjusting to your level of play. You don’t need a computer because you play chess naturally with weighted pieces and on a board. The sensor chess board detects your moves!

DGT Centaur Chess Computer

best chess computer
best chess computer

You can see previous moves, hints and a clock on a display. The chess computer is lightweight and you can take it with you.

It gives you a realistic experience at lower levels if you’re a beginner or advanced player. It will adjust to your level of playing strenght and helps to improve your skill level.

The DGT Centaur Chess Computer has an ELO rating from 300 to 3000 which is stronger than a grandmaster. It uses a very powerful Stockfish engine.

Board Size: 17.5 x 15.8″ (444.5 x 400.5mm)
Square Size: 1.9″ (48 x 48mm)
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Millennium Chess Computer – The King Performance

Millennium Chess Computer - The King Performance
Millennium Chess Computer – The King Performance

Gat the Millennium Chess Computer – The King Performance
The Millennium Chess Computer is strong with an estimated 2450 ELO.
Size approximate 15 x 17 inches, the real wooden frame, pieces, on board display and the powerful processor of the Exclusive, it comes true to its title offering amazing Performance.

When buying a chess computer online, avoid all the hassle if unfortunate breaks or loss happens. Buying from Chess House gives you easy access to parts for many years so your set is always playable. In many cases parts are complimentary.

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