How to win at Chess

Learn how to win at chess and play online chess vs computer testing various chess positions in which you have a specific advantage. Come back regularly and work through all chess lessons listed on this page.

Important Practical Chess Lessons

Win with Queen up! To give checkmate with Queen is basic knowledge. Try this exercise until you can do it.

Give Checkmate with Rook up! To give checkmate with Rook up is chess basics. Try this until you can do it.

Learn Basic Queen Endgames with Pawn You must know this.

Study Endgames or Endings, using queen and rook. Check them out now!
Rook and Queen Endgames

Win with Rook versus Pawn

King versus Pawn This is essential knowledge.

Follow the Laws of Chess.

Training Positions – Level 6

Level 6 is the weakest level for beginners and advanced chess players. I will create games for up to level 1…which will be the strongest level.

Level 6 means YOU have an advantage of 6 pawns. This has been estimated by one of the strongest chess programs worldwide. As you should know that an advantage in chess is measured in pawn units.

An advantage of 6 pawns does not necessarily mean that you are always 6 pawns up, but this advantage can consist of other factors. You might have an additional lightpiece, a knight or bishop. This would count 3 pawns, depending on the position of course.

For example: If you are a bishop up, but this bishop is blocked in completely and is just a dead duck, then advantage level might be reduced to one pawn only for this particular bishop. But as you always have a 6 pawn advantage, in this case you will have additional pawns or other positional advantages to make for a 6-pawn-advantage alltogether.

I Play and win this Position

II Play and win this Position

III Play and win this Position

IV Play and win this Position

V Play and win this Position

VI Play and win this Position

VII Play and win this Position

VIII Play and win this Position

VIV Play and win this Position

X Play and win this Position

Training Positions – Level 5

You certainly know by now that level 5 means that you have a 5-Pawn-Advantage. This is still a big advantage but a bit lower than you have at level 6. However, an average club player will win these positions so you are expected to win these games below. I wish you good luck. I think if you try it often enough your chess will improve and finally you will win…

I Play and win
II Play and win
III Play and win
IV Play and win
V Play and win

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