How to play Chess – Questions and Answers

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Are you a beginner at chess? You probably have many questions about how to play chess.

Use the Form at the end of this page to ask Questions

Please write as much as you can to describe your problem as detailed as possible, so others understand what you are talking about and can join the learning process as well.

Study first the lessons at Basic Chess Rules and make some effort yourself to learn the basics first, otherwise your questions are far too easy and might be outright stupid and will bore the others.

For example, avoid questions like: Can a knight checkmate the king? Of course, it can. All pieces can checkmate a king, a pawn too. Study Checkmates

After that, continue and go to Chess for Beginners.

When I started chess myself I had lots of Questions about Chess
Please read the answers to many questions on this page below, to get some knowledge about chess first, then ask. Most likely your question is already answered.

When you ask a question then please upload a diagram or image of the position or I may be unable to understand your question. And write down the coordinates of the position!

If necessary, I will correct any errors in spelling myself later, so your text will look good.

Create Your Diagrams here and download them to your computer, after that you can upload them to my site below.

Please, if you talk about a chess position here then learn and give exact chess notation or nobody will understand what you are talking about. Give coordinates of pieces (bishops, knights, rooks, kings, queens) first, then the coordinates of pawns.


Below you see the notation for the position in the diagram.
White: Rd2, Nf3, Kg2, g3
Black: Re7, Bf6, Kg7, g6, h7

chess diagram
R-Rook, N-Knight, B-Bishop, Q-Queen, K-King
For pawns just use coordinates ONLY

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Chess Openings

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King-Rook Switch in Chess Castling
Do I need to know all the names of chess openings and traps as a terminology?
If you pickup is it rule to move?
Is there a 16 Move Rule?
What would happen if you ran out of time?
Thought Process in Chess
Chess Board Visualization in Mind – Blindfold Chess
How to Capture the Check Giving Piece
What is an Open and Half Open File?
En Passant Choice?
En Passant Examples
A Pawn can capture anytime!
Pawn last Rank Promotions when playing against “Computer”
Check this Position!
The Winner!

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