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Garry Kasparov versus Nigel Short 1993

Nigel Short qualified winning the Candidates Matches where he has beaten Timman and became the challenger for the world title.

Garry Kasparov (Russia)  rated 2815 – Nigel Short (England) rated 2665 Results: 12.5 : 7.5

Kasparov won the 20-games match against the challenger (4 wins, one loss), but as this match was not authorized by the FIDE (World Chess Organisation), they took the title away from Kasparov and removed him and Short from the FIDE rating list afterwards.

All this left no impression on the chess community worldwide because everyone knew that Kasparov was the best player in chess history and number one player of the world and to take away his title was just ridiculous.

An “official” match was organized by the FIDE between Karpov and Timman and played in the Netherlands and Indonesia which was won by Karpov 12,5:8,5. Did the chess community care about this second rated match? No!

Because every chess player knew that only Kasparov was the real world chess champion!

Short v Kasparov 1993 Game 8


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