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Mate with 2 Bishops

Is it possible to get checkmate with just 2 bishops?
Hi Chirayu,

yes, it is possible to give checkmate with just two bishops and king because the bishops can cover white and black squares.
You have to chase the opponents’ king to the corner of the board, then give checkmate with one of the bishops.

You cannot give a checkmate with:

– only one Bishop
– only one Knight
– two Knights
– a pawn that’s on the rook’s file

… and it is very difficult to checkmate with knight and a bishop, but don’t worry as this situation might not happen in a lifetime, so there is no reason to put too much time into this… if it happens, just give a draw.

Two Bishops
chess two bishopschess two bishops

In this case the white king will be chased to the left corner. Always keep an eye where the white king can go and simply cut off his possibilites.
Try to gain space and move your king ahead first to oppose the opponents’ king and reduce his space.

Make sure that the king cannot escape back into the center. You cannot give a checkmate in the center, only in the corners.

To achieve that you have to build a wall with the bishops.

Sometimes you have to wait for your opponent to make a move.
Just work with Zugzwang and work out where the king can go next and move the bishops accordingly to cut him off.

Decide to which corner you want to chase the king.

chess two bishopschess two bishops

chess two bishopschess two bishops

White is checkmate
chess two bishops

I hope this helps.

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