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Stalemate and Chess Scoring Outcome

by Andrew (USA, Tx)
I just played a game where I forced my opponent into a position where he could not make any valid move and therfore Stalemate. I had my Queen and King, my opponent only his King.

Why was my end score -1 and my opponents on +8?

A answer no matter how brief would be appreciated.


Hi Andrew,

it is quite simple. You had a higher rating than your opponent so you were expected to score higher.

Black moves – Stalemate – Draw

chess scoring outcome

You achieved a draw only against a lower rated opponent so you lose 1 rating point. The ratings of you and your opponent are very close so you don’t lose many points. Your weaker opponent achieved a draw against a higher rated player so his rating goes up 8 points.

You had 1033 rating points and your opponent had 972 only. (see image above)

If your opponent would have been rated much lower than you, your rating would have dropped quicker.

If your opponent would have a higher rating than you and you make a draw, then your rating would go up in spite of the fact that you achieved a draw only.

Example: If you would have achieved a draw against a grandmaster you would have gained a lot of rating points.

Rating calculations are very complicated.
Read more about Chess Rating

I hope this helps.

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