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Thought Process in Chess

by Nadarsha (Kerala)
How to think when we are playing chess?
How to move against any colour?

Hi Nadarsha,
Yes, right thinking is the key to success. First comes the thought, then comes the move. Right? The thought process is very important.

Thinking has nothing to do with colour. So forget about the colour. It does not matter if you play the black or white pieces. Just the quality of your thinking will decide the game.

Important Thought Process in Chess

– Figure out what your opponent wants. Make sure you study his last move and see if there is any danger like the threat of a fork, or a check or if he can capture a piece, when it is his turn.

– If there is a danger eliminate it, trade off the attacking piece, or retreat with a piece to avoid a fork, or react somehow. If there is no danger continue with your own plans. If you only think about yourself and your own moves you will surely run into traps of all kinds and will lose material.

– Important thing is to put your pieces to the best and most active squares possible. Place them near the center or near his kingside. This might give you a chance to attack his king in the future when your pieces are better placed than his pieces.
To do this it helps to find your worst placed and less active piece and think about how to improve the position of this inactive piece.

For example, if you have a locked in dead bishop then work out how you can bring it out into the center to an active square.

If you have a badly placed knight at the edge of the board then bring it back into the center.

In short:
Get lazy pieces out and make them work! It is like in real life. No lazy pieces allowed. If you follow this rule then you always have an active game.

– If you want to push a pawn, ask yourself if your move will weaken a square. Never weaken your position making unnecessary pawn moves. For example: If you move a pawn in front of your king then the kingside becomes weaker.

Please read the article below. It hopefully will help you to think the right way.
How to think in Chess?

All the Best

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