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Alabaster Chess Sets

Alabaster Chess Sets are stunning in appearance. Admire these unique Alabaster chess pieces crafted by the finest Italian craftsmen.

If you are looking for a nice chess gift, it might be a good idea to get a beautiful chess set to decorate your home and play with your friends.

“Alabaster creates some of the most beautiful and unique chess sets on the market today. Made from natural stone in Italy these chess sets are dyed to their unique color. With the varying veins in the stone and the different rates each chess set takes the dye, you will find that no two sets are exactly the same!”

Keep in mind that Alabaster is a natural material and so the color may vary slightly from set to set.

alabaster chess
Brown & White Alabaster Chess Set with Wood Frame

You should handle an Alabaster set carefully as it is fairly soft and therefore not recommended for children as it is easily damaged.

alabaster chess set
Black & White Alabaster Chess Set with Wood Frame

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