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Bobby Fischer – Chess Genius – Important Games

The opening repertoire of Bobby Fischer in his chess games was somehow limited.

The opening repertoire of Bobby Fisher in his chess games was somehow limited. As White he played the King’s Pawn and was orientated towards the Spanish opening. As Black he played the Sicilian defense against the King’s pawn opening and the King’s Indian or the Grünfeld against the Queen’s pawn opening, if possible.

bobby fischer

Bobby Fischer (left) with Collins

But sometimes he experimented with old openings like the King’s Gambit or he revived old moves. His chess openings created a dynamic imbalance and were strategically and tactically complex so he could use his intuitive abilities to the utmost.

Former world champion Max Euwe compared Bobby’s playing style with that of the American chess genius Paul Morphy, who was the greatest attacking player in history.(1837-1884)

bobby fischer

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