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Budapest Gambit

Chess Opening Surprise for Black versus the d4 c4 Setup from White.
The Budapest Gambit (Budapest Defense) is almost never played among chess grandmasters. It is more or less a surprise weapon on lower levels of chess.

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e5
budapest gambit

Black offers his e-pawn which he will regain later on.

It starts with the following moves:
1.d2-d4 Ng8-f6 2.c2-c4 e7-e5 3.d4xe5 Nf6-g4

budapest gambit

White can return the pawn and usually keeps a small advantage without risks. This opening can lead to sharp tactical games.

Main variations are:
4.Bc1-f4 Nb8-c6 5.Ng1-f3 Bf8-b4+ 6.Nb1-d2 Qd8-e7 7.e2-e3 (Karpow)
4.e2-e4 (Aljechin)
4.Bc1-f4 Nb8-c6 5.Ng1-f3 Bf8-b4+ 6.Nb1-c3 Qd8-e7 7.Qd1-d5 (protect the pawn)
4.Bc1-f4 Nb8-c6 5.Ng1-f3 Bf8-b4+ 6.Nb1-c3 BxNc3 7.bxc3 Qd8-e7 8.Qd5 f6 9.exf6 Nxf6 etc.
4.Ng1-f3 Bf8-c5 5.e2-e3 Nb8-c6
Play this opening to train your tactical abilities, but study the typical variations first.

Budapest-Gambit – Games

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