Chess Puzzles
Win these Positions...

Solve the chess positions on this page to train your mind to see good moves.

Try to solve the chess puzzles first in your head. This helps to improve your imagination and visualisation.

In a real game you are not allowed to move the pieces around, but must solve the problems in your mind. It is hard in the beginning to imagine a certain positions and keep moving to another position mentally without touching pieces. But it is very important that you learn this.

After you have played the variation just mentally, replay it on the chess board here and compare your mental images with reality. Work out the defending moves of your opponent or you miss something.

What can your opponent do, if you move this? If he does that, I do this... and so on. You should see things before they hit you.

Click on - Choose Game - and select a position first.


Press F-Key (or click e7 or d2 on top) = Flip Board

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