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Chess Secrets – Why does Black lose?

There are many things about chess that I will call “chess secrets”, that are never explained in chess books and can’t be explained as they occur on a subconscious level.

Most chess books are written by chess grandmasters and for them to see plans and concepts comes natural and they often assume that the reader sees what they see. They read a position like a newspaper, and I mean, that they read it fast and clear and the amateur looks at the board and sees nothing most of the time.

They feel and see the right concept in a given position immediately and start calculating, whereas normal players -non-grandmasters- as we are, have to virtually force themselves mentally to illuminate themselves by going through all this, step by step, hammering each concept into our minds to grasp and never forget these ideas.

Chess is not only about memorizing hundreds of opening lines. There is something below the surface that is hard to grasp. Just try to understand the following game. Fritz Chess Program versus No Name. Try to understand why Black has drifted into a lost position. Black has played well, you think….yeah, that’s what YOU think.

chess secrets

Both players have developed their pieces. So far so good. BUT what is disturbing in my mind is that Black has not castled but played b6 very early. Well this might mean nothing yet but it POPS UP in the mind of a fine-tuned player. You just notice it.
Then you feel the urge to use this to your advantage and try to seize the initiative in the center, where else, playing e4.

Hey! Don’t make a silly waste-of-time-move now like a3 or h3 or Bd2! or some other stupid thing. I must formulate a principle to grasp for you or we will get nowhere!

So, here it is!

Play in the CENTER! Seize the Initiative in the CENTER! Add Energy to the Center Area! Put Pressure on the Center!

Play 1. e4 now!

This move puts pressure on the center and the pawn threatens to go ahead to attack the f6-knight. So what? If this happens the black knight must retreat and this will weaken the kingside.
I formulate a new principle now! Memorize it!

If the defending Knight gets driven away this will weaken the Kingside

This will liberate your sleeping c1-bishop in the long run because it MIGHT come out along the c1-h6 diagonal, but this is just a positive side effect. You have to think about the future, my friend, and increase your possibilities and your development potential. Add up potential in chess.
1.e4 dxe 2.Nxe 0-0
leads us to the following position. Play the last moves up till here in your mind. In a real game you must do this too before you execute your moves.

What now?
You know one thing for sure. Whatever you do, you should play in the center. Now where to go with the queen. I show you another concept.
Queen goes to e2. Why?

  • to make room for Rd1
  • to protect the e4-knight
  • to be able to go to e4
  • to put pressure to e6 which is located IN THE CENTER and near the KINGSIDE because e6 will somehow tends to become weakened because the black white-colored bishop will probably go to b7 as Black has played b6 and will not protect e6 in the future.

Play 3. Qe2 now!

chess secrets

3.Qe2 Re8
see diagram below

chess secrets

What now?
Well, you know you should play in the center and this will help you to think about center moves ONLY, avoiding trash moves!

You know that if the black f6-knight gets driven away that this will weaken the kingside.

Play 4. Ne5 now!

  • this move attacks the c6-pawn and limits Black’s choices as he probably plays Bb7 which is a mistake, but very hard to see.
  • If Black trades off the Knight playing Nd7xNe5 then your d-pawn recaptures and moves to e5 and DRIVES AWAY the f6-knight. Remember, this is one of our formulated principles: Driving away the kingside knight to weaken the kingside!
  • If Black trades off the e4-knight then your queen recaptures and comes to e4 and threatens to hit or penetrate to h7. To stop this Black has to make pawn moves at the kingside and this will weaken his kingside, making it easier for you to attack it.
  • 4.Ne5 Bb7
    leads us to the following position.

    chess secrets

    What now?
    Just relax and look at this position for a moment. What do you see? What are the facts?
    I know it is hard, very hard, to see anything for White now.

    Facts – Look at the Chess Position above

  • White’s Queen is better placed than Black’s Queen because the white queen can go to center square e4 in the future or will attack the kingside when the defending f6-knight gets traded off or moves away in the future.
  • White’s kingside knight is better placed than Black’s kingside knight that still sits on f6, the original square, whereas White’s knight is sitting right in the center on e5, which makes it more powerful.
  • The white queenside knight is placed better on e4 than Black’s queenside knight that sits on d7.
  • Black rook is looking a bit funny. It has moved to e8 and weakened f7. You think that this is a crazy thought. But look! F7 is weak!
  • Hello! I am not gone mad! F7 is weak!

    The Answer! Play 5. Nxf7 now!

  • weakens the e6-pawn
  • weakens the kingside
  • chess secrets

    Now switch on your brain and start calculating. Let’s see, if you can estimate that this is a winning move.

    5.Nxf7 KxN 6.Ng5+ Kg8 (if 6…Kf8 7.Qxe6 and checkmate cannot be avoided)
    This leads us to the following chess position below.

    chess secrets

    Now think, think….

    Checkmate in five moves!

    7.Qxe6+ Kh8 (if 7…Kf8? 8.Qf7++)
    8.Nf7+ Kg8
    9.Nh6+ Kh8
    10.Qg8!!+ NxQ (or RxQ)
    11.Nf7++ Checkmate

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