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Chess Training

Win this Game – You play the white Pieces. Get some Chess Training and win this position where you enjoy a strong advantage as White.

It is your move and you have an advantage of 6-Pawns which has been estimated by strong chess programs.

Your Advantages are:

  • You are a lightpiece up, meaning you have an additional bishop.
  • You are a pawn up.
  • You are running an attack against the black kingside and Black has no counterplay.

All this adds up to a 6-Pawn Advantage. This is a rough estimation of the following factors.


Bishop up = 3 Pawns
one Pawn up = 1 Pawn
running Attack = 2 Pawns
Amounts to 6 Pawns alltogether

To make any progress you should open up the kingside to open up lines versus the black king. You can use these lines to penetrate into the black position with your pieces and to attack the king forcefully.

You should develop your knight and bishop to better squares as they are not optimal placed now, and they have to participate in the attack. You have to coordinate all your pieces to be successful. To run an attack with one or two pieces only is ridiculous.

It would be a good idea to blast away the g-pawn. This would open up the g-file for the rooks and queen. To use the open g-file would increase your potential attack tremendously. You have to sacrifice a pawn to achieve this goal. This can be done by playing 1.f5!

This move would attack the g-pawn, so there has to be a reaction, either the g-pawn captures or you capture the g-pawn and create a weak pawn at g6, or your f-pawn might move ahead to f6, attacking the knight.

If Black does not capture the f-pawn after White plays 1.f5, the e-pawn could be pushed to e6 instead and it would be covered by the f-pawn. This would create a dangerous passed pawn near the king, an attacking pawn, which could be used to increase your attacking chances even more.

I leave you now to figure it out for yourself.

So go ahead and win. I wish you good luck.

You are White – Win it!

chess training

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