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Chessmaster Alejandro Ramirez Alvarez

Chessmaster Alejandro Ramirez Alvarez was born June 21, 1988 in San José (Costa Rica). He is a chess grandmaster from Costa Rica and learned chess when he was 4 years of age. Soon he showed outstanding talents.

In 1998 he won the Pan-American U10 Championship. When he was 9 years old, he became a FIDE-Master and aged 13, he received the title of International Master. After that he was supported financially by costa-american companies and received private school tution from the University in San José to make it possible that he could devote most of his time to concentrate entirely on his chess career.

In 2002 he participated at the Chess Olympiad in Bled made a draw against the top grandmaster Alexander Morosewitsch.

In 2003, just aged 15, he had completed all GM-Norms and became chess grandmaster being the second youngest grandmaster in history at this time, after Sergej Karjakin, to obtain this title.

In 2004 he won the interzonal tournament in San Jose qualifying for the FIDE World Championship in Tripolis. Here he got eliminated in round 1 playing Rustam Kasimjanov.
Ramírez is the only grandmaster of Costa Rica. His Elo-Rating is 2533 (December 2008)

Alejandro’s Chess Games

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