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Computer Chess Programs

The very best Computer Chess Programs are listed on this page. You can install such a program on your PC and play against it.

But most chess players do this rarely, they rather analyze their chess games with them to find out where they went wrong. These programs have a lot of features like handicap modus, training modus and more.

They are used by chess players worldwide to analyse their games and to learn how to handle opening variations.

Their playing strength is extremely strong, they can beat chess grandmasters in a match quite easily.


The World Champion chess program Shredder is extremely strong and has the reputation of an excellent strategist and endgame technician.

It has closely packed endgame files that are highly compressed and therefore runs at high speed and calculates much faster.

Shredders World Championship Titles:

  • Jakarta 1996: World Micro-Computer Chess Champion
  • Paderborn 1999: Computer Chess World Champion
  • London 2000: World Micro-Computer Chess Champion
  • Maastricht 2001: World Micro-Computer Chess Champion
  • Maastricht 2002: Computer Chess Blitz World Champion
  • Graz 2003: Computer Chess World Champion and Blitz World Champion
  • Tel Aviv 2004: Computer Chess Blitz World Champion
  • Reykjavik 2005: Computer Chess Blitz World Champion
  • Mainz 2006: Chess960 Computer Chess World World Champion
  • Amsterdam 2007: Computer Chess Blitz World Champion
  • Kanazawa 2010 World Computer Chess Software Champion
  • Read more about Shredder Chess


    Fritz is a popular chess program among chess players worldwide. It is used by chess grandmasters and strong players to analyze chess variations. It has been developed by the German Frans Morsch and Mathias Feist.

    The version called Deep Fritz is designed for multiprocessing.
    Read more about Fritz Chess


    Rybka has been the number one computer chess software since 2006 winning many world titles. It is a Russian chess program developed by programmer Vasik Rajlich.
    Read more about Rybka Chess


    Hiarcs is a very strong and well known PC chess program and one of the best programs since many years. It has a remarkable human-like playing style and a deep positional understanding and is programmed by Mark Uniacke.
    Read more about Hiarcs


    All these chess programs above have roughly about even playing strength. You will never beat them unless you switch to a training or handicap mode. They beat chess grandmasters!

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