Endgame Rook and King versus Bishop and King

Can a rook and a king defeat a bishop and a king?

Yes, but only if the stronger side (the player with the rook) can manage to drive the king into the corner that has the same color as the bishop.

If you have the bishop then make sure you go with your king into a corner of the board that has the OPPOSITE COLOR of your bishop.
This means if your bishop is running on black squares you go with your king in a corner that has a white square.

See diagram below, this position is a draw as the black king is in a corner that has a white square as his bishop runs on black squares.

how to play chess
Draw - Black king has reached the correct corner

If White has to move now he must leave the last row with the rook or it will be a stalemate, as Black can't make a legal move.

In these kind of positions Black just moves with his bishop as soon as the rook leaves the last rank and the black king stays in the corner.

How White wins

In the replayable position below the black king is badly placed near the wrong corner. Now White has the chance to win as he drives the king into the corner that has the same color as the bishop.

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