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Giant Chess Pieces

It is fun to play with Giant Chess Pieces in parks all over the world. I have played countless times in parks worldwide and met interesting chess players everywhere.

For example Rolly Toy’s original giant chess pieces magically attracts people! Especially teenagers, adults and seniors enjoy it! You can place it in backyards, patios and resorts. Many people will have a great time playing chess there. See below!

Quality Giant Chess Pieces

giant chess pieces
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If you are a stranger in a foreign country you can meet people and make friends like that very fast.

Put a giant chess set into your garden or backyard to play with your friends and have fun. Everybody will be watching and hanging around the giant board and laughing about silly moves.

Yep, that’s how it is. It is like a great party, people are laughing, chatting and joking.

Make sure that the outdoor chess pieces you are going to buy have a simple design. Chess players dislike a complex design of chess pieces, as it is hard to understand the chess position if your mind has to figure out first if a particular piece is a pawn or a bishop.

For me it is very annoying to play with giant chess pieces where I always have to look twice to figure out the meaning of the pieces. If I see a complex designed outdoor game, I go somewhere else. A player can grasp a position very fast, if chess pieces have a simple design like the ones below.

Giant Chess Sets – Large Chess Sets

Get a Giant Chess Set for outside to play with family and friends.

giant chess pieces

Outdoor chess sets bring life to your garden or pool.

outdoor chess sets
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