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How to play Chess – Exercise – Play and win this Position against the Computer

Get practical experience now in How to play chess and beat the computer in this exercise.

In the following position you are White and have a decisive material advantage of one piece plus three pawns. The value of one lightpiece (bishop or knight) is three pawns. So your advantage in material is very strong. A club player would win this position fairly easily.

I give you a few hints now. You should keep developing your pieces to the optimum. You still have pieces that are half asleep, for example your bishop at f1, knight at g1 and your rook at h1.

Don’t get mentally fixed on attacking only just with a few developed pieces, because then you forget to develop the rest of your army. You can attack later, but get your sleeping pieces out into the center at the same time and control important center squares.

Don’t waste time pushing silly pawns. Your king has not castled yet. Solve this problem or your rook at h1 can’t get out into the struggle and your attack might have insufficient support later on.

Give a check only if it makes sense, for example to stop the white king from escaping to a secure spot. You can not give checkmate right away so don’t even try it. First develop your forces as fast as possible, then simplify and trade off active pieces of your opponent. You might get a crushing attack later on when all your power has unfolded in the center, as you are one piece up, so your attacking power will be unstoppable in the long run.

However, if you trade off a lot of material you can go into a winning endgame where you are three pawns or so ahead plus one piece (knight or bishop). So you will win the endgame easily. On the other hand if your attack grows strongly you might checkmate the black king sooner or later.

To restart the position you have to refresh the page or leave the page and return to it.

You are White – Win it!

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