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by Vivek (Hyderabad) White moves
how to win chess position
Hello sir,
my side is white and it’s my turn! Now what to do next?

Hi Vivek,

I have created a diagram below. I hope this is the correct position.

White moves
chess position

Black has a strong advantage and has a winning game because he is up in material.

  • Black has a rook for a bishop.
  • Black is a pawn up
  • White’s pawns are weak as they are isolated. He has three pawn islands, Black has two pawn islands. So more islands you have, so weaker is the pawn structure.

I would resign this game as this position is hopeless.
If you play on then try this trap:

1. g4 (if 1…Kd6?? 2.Bg3+ and you win the rook with a bishop fork) See below
Black moves
chess position
White played 1.Bg3+ winning a rook and the game.
1…Bb3 2.d6+ Kd7 (if Kxd? then Bg3+ winning the rook) 3.Kd4 f6 (better is 3…Bd1 4.BxB Rh1 trading pieces and simplify) 4.Kc5 Bc4 5.Bc6+
See below
Black moves
chess position
White moves
chess position
Play now 6.Kb6 Re2 7.Bg3 etc. activating your king and bishops to the utmost and penetrate into your opponent’s position.

I hope this helps and you get the idea, but hope for a miracle to happen to save this game.

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