Koneru Humpy
Woman Chess Grandmaster from India

Koneru Humpy works hard at her chess career and shows great determination to improve. This is possible because her father Koneru Ashok devotes his entire time to Humpy.

In 2002, when she was 15 years one month and 27 days old, she became the world's youngest woman ever to become a Grandmaster (not just Women Grandmaster), beating the record of Judith Polgar, who achieved this at 15 years four months and 27 days.

koneru humpy

In October 2008 she had a rating of 2618 and was placed after Judit Polgar at number 2 on the world Elo Rating List for women. She is the second female player (after Judit Polgar) in chess history to have crossed the 2600 Elo mark. Humpy was born 31.March 1987 in Gudivada, Andhra Pradesh, India.

She was the challenger in the Women World Chess Championship 2011 but could not win the world title.

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