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Not Castled

by Vivek (Hyderabad)
not castled

Sir, my side is White and its my turn to move and I have 2 pawns extra. So please help me to win.


Hi Vivek,

1. You have not castled. In future games please castle as soon as possible. You can’t play chess like you did here. Your king is caught in the middle. This is bad.

2. You are two pawns up, this compensates for it. The position is even.

3. In future as White start first move with 1.d4 and learn all openings that can result from that, to get a rough idea about openings like Queens Gambit, Nimzo Indian, Queens Indian, Kings Indian
Go to – Chess Openings and replay the games of various chess openings. Watch how they do it. They always castle.

White moves
You must protect your d5-pawn first with 1.c4 – See below

After 1.c4 a5 (undermining c5) 2.b5 Nh5 – See below
White moves

Move your queen onto the diagonal a1-h8 and play 3.Qb2 Nf4 4.BxNf4 BxB and get your knight back into the game 4.Nc2 Nc5 5.Qd4

Your position is even and should develop into something like this: See below


Your game is not properly organized because you didn’t play a good opening system. Improve on that in future. Learn and play correct opening moves right from the beginning of a game.

Offer a draw or you might lose because of your bad king. Your position is difficult to play.

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