Pawn Transformation

by Tammy
(Winfield, NY, USA)

Once a pawn reaches the other side and transforms into another piece, is the pawn then removed and replaced w/ that piece or allowed to stay and ADD the new piece to another location?
Or if he is replaced, he stays in that locale?

Hi Tammy,
A pawn moves to the last rank and transforms into any piece you like (queen, rook, bishop, knight). But you would normally transform the pawn into a queen, of course, as this is the strongest piece available.
In this case the pawn will be removed and will be replaced by the queen on the same square at which promotion took place. See diagram below

pawn promotion chesspawn promotion chess

The pawn moves to e8 and promotes into a queen. At the same time the queen gives a check to the king. The king cannot escape the check and is therefore checkmate. Game over.

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