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You are White – Win this Game

Play and win the chess position below where you have a 6-pawn-advantage as Black (as calculated by a strong computer chess program.)

White’s Advantages are:

– You are two pawns up at the moment BUT one piece DOWN, but do not worry because it is your move now, and you have a strong attack going. You can make a strong move now to recover material. This will be sufficient compensation for your lightpiece (the knight) that White has sacrificed a few moves earlier to get the attack going.

– In this position you (White) have a lot of attacking chances and this makes up for any sacrificed material. All factors added up, you have an advantage of 6 pawn units, (computers measure the advantage in pawn units) as I said before.

– You have castled and the black king is caught in the middle and will soon be under constant fire. Then Black has no time to castle and no time to develop his rook at h8. So he will be playing without the rook, in resepct to the problem area, which is the center and the area around the black king. In short Black will get run over in no time at all as White will get overwhelming piece play.

You can create open lines to penetrate with your rooks to attack the black king.

The coordination of Black’s pieces is severely disturbed. He will not be able to organize a good defense as he is forced to play with insufficient ressources.

Soon White will attack with his whole army – this makes four pieces alltogether – and Black has to defend just with two pieces only, the queen and the knight, because his rook can’t get out and his bishop is inactive as well.. This will not be enough to protect the king in the long run.

Try to win some material when you can. This won’t hurt…and checkmate the king if you can, of course.

Don’t trade your queen, you need this strong piece to attack the king. If you trade queens you can not use the vulnerable position of the black king to the fullest extent anymore and a lot of your advantage will evaporate. Your queen is necessary to develop future attacking chances versus the black king.

So go ahead and play…I wish you good luck.

You are White – Win it!

play chess online against computer
play chess online against computer

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