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Chess Sets and Boards

Looking for Great Chess Sets and Boards? I searched the internet for you and found a great chess store that offers everything you need related to chess sets.

They do offer clearance sale in regular intervalls so check their site. You surely will find reduced chess sets at very reasonable prices.

chess sets and boards
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This family store offers a large selection of chess boards from all the major chess board manufacturers. On top of that you can purchase all kinds of great theme chess sets and chess gifts.

Vinyl rollup chess boards are used by chess clubs all over the world. For tournaments you get the most elegant wood chess boards and wooden chess pieces.

Select the right chess board for your chess set. Start with the chess set you plan on putting on a chess board. The right board is one that properly fits the chess pieces. Make sure that the board is not too big compared to the pieces or the chess pieces appear to be too small for the squares.

After you have selected the size you choose the best color and material for the chess pieces.

Get a wood chess board for wood chess pieces and it’s also a good choice for some metal and theme chess sets.

Create a nice contrast between the pieces and board or match the colors as closely as possible. If there is a contrast between chess board and chess pieces you can see the pieces easier against the background colors of the board.

If you match colors properly you can create a very elegant effect.

Top Chess Store!

All Kinds of Chess Sets

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