Chess Sets

You will be amazed of the variety of chess sets that are offered on this page.

"I saw the joy, inspiration, and connection it gave people in all walks of life as they enjoyed chess in their own way.

Disabled people and those in hospital beds had a way to pass the time or surprise a visiting friend by with their chess game.

Veterans told me their stories. One dear friend, a 90 year old lieutenant carried his miniature pocket set with him everywhere. It helped him and his buddies stay sane in the worst of times.

I feel honored to be a part of so many hurting, healing, and hearty lives."
from Raphael Neff - ChessHouse

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Different Types of Chess Board Sets

I searched the internet for you to find all sorts of chess sets for different occasions. People have different tastes, some are looking for theme chess sets, others are die-hard chess players and want a good tournament set. And some are looking for a gift idea.

Fantasy Chess Set

Star Trek Chess Set

Cherry Chess Table

Modern Chess Table

Cherry Chess Pub Table

I like Staunton Chess Sets. They are popular among chess players and beautiful.

Antique Chess Pieces Simply beautiful.

Discounted Chess Supplies Save money here. Great offers.

Unusual Sets See some very unusual chess pieces here.

Marble Chess Pieces. Very nice to look at ....

Metal Sets Unusual masterpieces ....

Alabaster Chess Simply wonderful...

Peg Sets Ideal for traveling

Travel-Chess-Set Nice for Traveling and a good Gift Idea

Brass Set Get it to decorate your living-room.

Unique Set - Art Deco Chess Pieces

Looking for a chess gift?

Great Theme Chess Sets

Alice in Wonderland Chess Pieces Very popular Theme Chessmen world-wide.

Revolutionary War Chess Pieces Enjoy and play.

Firefighter-Chess-Set Do you have a friend working for the Police or Firebrigade? Then this nice set might be the right gift for him or her.

Police-Chess-Set A nice gift idea for a friend working for the Police.

Civil War Chess Pieces Very beautiful and popular.

Chess-Set-of-the-Gods Chess Pieces of the Greek Mythology.

Medival Chess Sets


Revolutionary War Chess Set

Expensive Sets

For Kids

Outdoor Chess Sets

3D Sets

Lord of the Rings Set

3D Fairy Chess Set

Gothic Chess

Glass Chess Set

Greek Chess Sets

Indian Chess Set

Portable Chess Sets

Wildlife Animal Chess Sets

Electronic Chess Computer

Get the well-known DGT Electronic Chess Board at a discount.

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