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Basic Chess Moves – Colle System

If you are a beginner at chess then learn the Colle System, because it is easy to understand. The basic chess moves of the Colle-System as White are as follows:
d4 Nf3 e3 c3 Nd2 Bd3. You can reach this position playing a different move order.

Hint: In the Colle System White does not play c4, but c3 instead, this pawn does occupy the natural square for the knight b1. This forces the knight b1 to get out via d2. Later on you push the e-pawn to e4 which will be protected by the knight on d2.

The Colle System was invented (1920) by the Belgien chess player Edgard Colle, who used it with good success. The Colle is rarely played among chess grandmasters as the setup is very simple and Black can equalize fairly easy.

But it is a great system for beginners, as the basic chess moves are straightforward and easy to understand. But if you are on a higher level of play, you should choose a more complex opening like the Queens Gambit or you will have difficulties beating weaker opponents as the game does often lead to a draw.

There are two scenarios to consider.

1. If Black plays his d-pawn to d5.

Then White plays the following moves:
d4 Nf3 e3 c3 Nd2 Bd3 followed with short castling and preparing the e3-e4 pawn advance with moves like Re1 or Qe2.

If Black develops his knight to c6 then White exchanges Pawns with d4xc5 to prevent the creation of an isolated pawn on d4.
This would happen after the white pawn advance to e4, if Black plays now d5xe4 and c5xd4.

2. If Black plays his d-pawn to d6 and plays his bishop to g7 (Fianchetto)

White plays the following moves:
d4 Nf3 Nd2 e4 (Be2,Bd3 or Bc4) and c3 followed with short castling. In this setup Black has no pawn on d5 and does not control the center square e4. That’s why you can play your e-pawn to e4 right away! (see replayable games)

In the following diagrams Black has developed his d-pawn to d5. This is the most popular setup and you should study it first.

chess opening

As you can see in the above diagram the bishop on c1 is inactive. To get this bishop out it is absolutely vital that you push your e-pawn to e4. This is called: the e-pawn advance.

chess opening

White has made the e-pawn advance (see above) and as you can see, the inactive bishop on c1 will, in the near future, get out into the center.

chess opening

Avoid getting an isolated d-pawn (which is quite uncomfortable to play with, I have done it, so I know and I hate this structure.) by recapturing with the knight! (see diagram above)

When you have Black: The best move order (or setup) for Black against Colle or Colle-Zuckertort is 1.d4 d5 2. Nf3 Nf6 3. e3 g6! – this move (g6) will deaden (limit the scope) of the white bishop which will appear on d3 sooner or later…sacrifices of this bishop on h7 are no longer possible. This bishop will bite on granite.

Get the idea!

Replay Chess Games of the Colle System

Flip Board: Press F-Key (or click e7 or d2 on top) Select a game: Click on grey bar

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