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Basic Chess Strategy Exercises – get some Training

Chess training makes a master. Here you have a mix-up of basic chess strategy situations that can occur in a real game. A bit of this and a bit of that, just to get various parts of your brain going and to give you a bit chess reality.

Give it a go, but I must warn you. Those exercises are pretty difficult for you if you are a beginner, but I must challenge you somehow or you will fall asleep.

Do you know that old saying:
When the going gets tough only the tough get going.

Remember! Always use x-ray vision and make the moves in your mind first. Always check what the opponent can do after, before you actually move.

Do this in your head and don’t look at the solution right away. Keep in mind, that most moves are outright dangerous and deadly. So make sure you find the only move that wins. Don’t settle for some second best moves. You got to find the best one there is, like in a real game.

Now put your old thinking cap on and off you go.

Click on >Annotations< and >Games< to see all the exercises in the applet. After that click on the exercise itself to see it on the board.

If you want to change colors then click on the black icon at the left lower corner. After that the board will change colors and the Black pieces will be on Top or vice versa.

On the right hand side you can see the chess notation. Make sure you know how to write down chess moves. This is necessary later on to write down your games. If you don’t know how to write down a chess game then go to Chess Notation.

Replay and study these exercises!

Flip Board: Press F-Key (or click e7 or d2 on top) Select a game: Click on grey bar

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