Boris Spassky versus Tigran Petrosian 1969

Boris Spassky was a Soviet chess grandmaster who was World Chess Champion from 1969 to 1972 until he lost the title to Bobby Fisher.

He learned chess when he was 9 years old, joined a chess club and his great talent
was soon recognized.

1966 he qualified to challenge Tigran Petrosian for the first time, but lost the match 11,5−12,5 (3 wins, 4 losses, 17 draws)

World Chess Championship 1969

Spassky versus Petrosian – 12.5 : 10.5

Two years later in 1968 he qualified again winning the Candidates tournament and challenged Petrosian again in 1969. Spassky was better prepared this time and won the match 12,5−10,5 (6 wins, 4 losses, 13 draws) and became world

World Championship Match 1969 | Spassky-Petrosyan, 11th game

Tigran Petrosian faces his own opening system and outplays his opponent with his trademark exchange sacrifice!

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